Jeevanti Bhiwandi



Bhiwandi is a town only 20 kilometres away from Thane but unfortunately it is several years behind in terms of infrastructure and modern amenities in healthcare. The Jeevanti Healthcare team saw this as a reason enough for them to be in Bhiwandi.


Jeevanti Hospital, Bhiwandi, starts operations on 1st September, 2012, after taking over the operations of Dhange Hospital. This is a place where patients and their relatives would receive utmost care and attention, supported by medical expertise delivered by qualified medical and para-medical practitioners.


Our efforts are directed towards providing comfort through the amenities and facilities within the hospital; quality service through systematised processes and well trained people.


Since we have a number of well-respected doctors on our panel from the city, residents of Bhiwandi have the advantage of consulting their known doctors, as well as specialists from outside the city in an environment that is well organized and provides services that are value for money.